Paulo J.M. Monteiro

Lectures on Concrete

What are today’s scientific innovations in concrete materials? How can we optimize concrete properties for maximum durability, versatility, and sustainability? What are the techniques behind today’s cutting-edge concrete structures? My UC Berkeley lectures – ranging from beginner to advanced – explore these questions to help students, engineers, contractors, and architects develop innovative and sustainable concrete for specific projects. For more information, you may also consult our textbook, Concrete, by P.K. Mehta and P.J.M. Monteiro, McGraw-Hill, Fourth Edition, 2014.
Introduction to Concrete Introduction to Concrete ▸
Concrete Materials Concrete Materials ▸
Processing and Early-Age Properties Processing and Eary-age Properties ▸
Thermo-mechanical Properties and Modeling Thermo-mechanical Properties and Modeling ▸
Durability Durability ▸
Non-Destructive Techniques Non-Destructive Techniques ▸
Special Concretes Special Concretes ▸
Construction Defects Construction Defects ▸
Sustainability of Concrete Sustainability of Concrete ▸
Bonus Material Bonus Material ▸
Description of section here Category Title Here ▸
Description of section here Category Title Here ▸